Ace Ranch*

Arnett Farms


Ha's Apple Farm*

Lilly’s Eggs

MB Farms

Ocean Breeze

Pacific Succulents

Pudwill Farms

Summer Harvest*

SunCoast Farms


Vang Farms

Winchester Orchids

What is a Certified Farmers’ Market?

California Certified Farmers’ Market are the “Real Thing”, places where the farmers sell their crops directly to the public. Before a farmer can sell at at Certified Farmers’ Market, the government checks to make sure that the farmers grows the produce the farmer is selling. Only California grown produce is allowed in the Certified section of a farmers’ market!


Baba Foods

Bean Coffee Company

Bread Man

Café Laurent

Candi's Gourmet Sausages

Choco Vivo

Corn Maiden


Dave's Gourmet Korean

Olive Press

Smart Fish / Yummy Fish

Urban Green Cuisine

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* Seasonal

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Every Saturday 9am - 2pm